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How it Works

After towel-drying your dog to remove excess water, follow these simple steps to ensure a quick, comfortable drying experience with the Luxe Dryer Bag.

1. Prepare the Dryer Bag

  • Lay the Luxe Dryer Bag flat on the floor for easy access

2. Insert Paws

  • Place your pet's front paws into the front leg holes.
  • Place the back paws into the rear leg holes.

Tip: To make it easier, put your hand through the leg hole and gently pull your dog’s paw through.

3. Secure the Bag

  • Bring the sides of the bag together using the magic paste closure.
  • Slide your fingers along the magic paste to fasten securely.

4. Adjust the Drawstrings

  • Lightly tighten the drawstrings around your dog's neck and tail.
  • Ensure the drawstrings are not too tight, allowing air to vent through the openings.

5. Attach the Blow Dryer

  • Connect virtually any blow dryer to the flexible tube of the dryer bag. Do not use heated hair dryer.

6. Start Drying

  • Turn your blow dryer on with the air speed set to high.
  • The Luxe Dryer Bag will puff out, and air will vent through the leg openings, neck, and tail, ensuring an even drying process.


At our company, we take pride in sourcing all supplies from reputable, registered, and compliant companies. However, we cannot guarantee that our products or their components will be free from causing allergic reactions, illnesses, or injuries.

We manufacture our products with the utmost care, ensuring they are not designed or intended to harm, deceive, or cause any discomfort to our customers.

To ensure safety and proper use, all products must be used strictly according to the instructions provided in their descriptions. Using any item outside of its intended purpose may result in injury or illness.

Important Safety Instructions

  • Always supervise pets while using the Luxe Dryer Bag.
  • Do not use a heated blow dryer.
  • Limit use to a maximum of 5 minutes.
  • Regularly monitor the temperature while drying your pet.
  • Keep this dryer bag away from unsupervised pets, babies, and children to avoid suffocation.
  • Do not use/store this dryer bag in/near cribs, beds, carriages, or playpens.
  • This dryer bag is not a toy or pet toy.
  • Ensure pets have adequate clearance for airflow to prevent suffocation.
We accept no liability for any injuries or illnesses caused by our products.
Experience quick and efficient drying with the Luxe Dryer Bag, designed to provide your pet with comfort and care.

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